Company History

The New York Company was started back in 1995 when Dan Schroth and Steve Mathe went to Fort Niagara. We went with the idea of joining a ranger company. We had been involved in The Royal Rangers, which is a faith-based camping ministry for men and boys under the direction of the Assemblies of God Church. There we had various "historical camp-outs"and "small battle scenarios".

We wanted to do more with all the equipment and clothing items. We went to Niagara and met with Tim Todish and Chris Methaney. The Captain of the Ohio Company let us visit and get to know them. Afterwards we went through the same application process that all of us have done. Our first event was Ticonderoga! We went with another ranger group because that year Jaegers’ did not attend. Out indoctrination was through a fog-inflicted battleground around the fort. Then we had strong rains. The time was well spent. We see those guys even today!

Captain Todish suggested that we attempt to form a New York Company. What was unique was that the one who started the group was to be Captain. Then we met Steve Cobb from Western New York. We were to try and find others to join us. Out first try was through guys from our church group. Many did join and we found that soon we were to be a group with a lot of strong young lads. This was good for it gave all of us old timers the chance to stay young and be mindful of how to act together. This was the start of the strong family flavor, which has helped us greatly.

We participated in many local events within central New York and some major events that occur in New York State. At these places others began to join. The primary reason was that we were friendly, clean and fun to be with. We also became pretty good fighters in battle as well. The first and now hidden motto of the the group was “Kill them … Kill them all”. It sounds bloodthirsty, but in fact it was based on our “Kings Checkers” board game that we played. Our desire in war has not changed but the old motto has grown up since then.

Jim Brown joined when we were at The Festival of Centuries in Syracuse. With him several others with various levels of expertise joined and further enhanced the group. As we participated in many events, others saw us and wanted to join our ranger unit. We have some families join and with them their children. The Hubschmitt’s, the Beuerlein’s and the Pray’s have brought great times with our group.

Our group likes to play board games and this has become the basis of our socializing and fun within our campsite. The special ladies who joined have kept us acting as “gentlemen” at our events. We have a strong blend of people who really enjoy the hobby that we are in. As others come, we now have older and younger soldiers.

Another very unique flavor to our group is the addition of Mohawk members who fight and live with us. A very unique cultural level has grown within the unit. George Billington and his friends show us the world of the French & Indian war was indeed a mix of European and Native Indians. As time has gone by several of us have become involved in the Revolutionary War Era and have found the hobby to be growing.

The New York Company had indeed grown to a large group of friends who really enjoy being around each other in camp. The humble beginnings have forged within us the desire to do well and to do it together.

Schroth’s New York Company endeavors to show the public that the past is important to our future and that we can do it historically well and with a "values oriented" manner. The strong values of early America can still be a focus of our lives and be the guiding light to the future of our nation.

You are welcome to become part of Schroth’s New York Company as we form a statewide auxiliary of our parent group. We are part of "His Majesties Independent Companies of Rogers’ Rangers ", known to all as "Jaegers’ Battalion". We strive to meet the demands of serving the Battalion through learned service and active battle skill. The New York Company will continue to grow as long as we still enjoy what we do.

"Come Fight with Us!"

This page lasted updated: 28 November 2016