About the Company

Capt. Lt. Dan Schroth

Captain Daniel S. Schroth
Commanding Officer

Our unit is part of Jaegers' Battalion of Rangers. It is one of the best reenacting units in the field. We portray a military ranging unit. The New York Company also participates in large and small historical forts and battle scenarios. We set up period type tents and cook our food within the time frame of 1755-1763. This time is called the French and Indian War. In New York,the nations of France, Britain and the Iroquois Confederacy were struggling to control the whole of the New World. We in Schroth's New York Company actually use weapons and uniforms typical of that age and recreate actual battles and other experiences of our area.

Each member of our unit strives to maintain a level of competency both with our gear and our personal attitudes as we relive history. Some members visit schools, community events historical places and large scale reenactments.

We also strive to maintain a level of ethics as we are in front of a lot of people. Each of us has invested alot of our time and capital in order to be involvred with reenacting.

Schroth's New York Company of Rangers incorporates many different types of people and various walks of life. Our enjoyment in this level of living history is worth our time and the demands that go with it. Being part of history really adds to our understanding of what the United States is all about.

Your humble servant,
Captain Daniel S. Schroth
Jaeger's Battalion
New York Company

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