Naval Service and Boats


Members of the New York Company also do various Naval impressions of the era.

  • FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR ... (1754 - 1763)
    • - Rogers' Rangers ... (Prudence) and (Nettle)
  • REVOLUTIONARY WAR ... (1775 - 1783)
    • Royal Navy ... (Prudence)
      • - Continental Marines... Capt. Matthew Parke's Company
  • WAR of 1812 ... (1812 - 1814)
    • Royal Navy 1814
    • The Andy Fischers; War of 1812 Cutter American Navy
  • OTHER ...
    • Captains Dangerous Dan and Terrible Tom and their crew of sea going rangers (more commonly known as PIRATES).



French and Indian War Clothing ... ... ...
We can wear our Ranger outfits or if one doesn't have the uniform the following is correct for the periods covered. Wearing Smallclothes was correct summer wear for all periods.

  • Jackets Short; Green, Blue, Grey, and Brown; Collared or no collar; Slash cuffs, plain cuffs, no cuffs.
  • Hats ... Canvas or Tarpaulin, Short with 2 inch brim, Toques, Tricorns
  • Pants ... Knee Britches or Slops. Can be any color or striped.
  • Socks ... Grey, Black, or multi colored stripes. Stripes were popular.
  • Waistcoats ... cut down waistcoats or period correct length. Various colors
  • Equipment ... Black or brown belt with knife and lanyard. Musket and cartridge box optional.
  • Shoes ... Any correct style or barefoot.
War of 1812 Clothing ... ... ...

Royal Navy 1812

The only difference in clothing would be that most of our Short Jackets would be BLUE and we'd have short Top hats, (Painted),Straw hats, and some would be wearing trousers. Scarfs would be red, most waistcoats red but other colors ok also.
Additional equipment:
  • Some white crossbelts
  • Some black crossbelts
  • Short swords
  • British GR beltplates
  • Axes, Muskets, Pistols

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