Boats of the New York Company

New York Company Boat: "Nettle"
The Nettle in the shipyard being retro-fitted for duty.
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The Jolly Boat is owned by Dan Schroth, the commanding officer of the New York Company. He has spent many hours in looking for a boat for the company. It is the newest addition to the company.

Dan settled on this boat that has a fiberglass hull and could be remodeled into a sea worthy fighting craft to be used for the French & Indian War, Revolutionary War and War of 1812. With the help of Captain Pray, Captain Schroth plans to train company members for service aboard the "Nettle".

At present, the boat has been modified to and still needs more work. The mast and tiller have to be installed. also the floor boards have to be modified for better stability and the sail mast. The boat will be finished up in spring of 2012 and ready for the 2012 Campaign season. The members of the company need to be trained in basic seamship and fighting on the inland seas.

This is another example of the diversity that is found in the New York Company.

  • Type of Boat: JOLLY BOAT
  • Length: 17 feet
  • Paint Scheme:
    • - Purchase Colors: blue and white (faded)
    • - Present Battle Colors: Black and yellow
    • Rowing: (4)10 - 12 foot oars
    • Steering: Tiller (in back of boat)
    • Sails in 2012.

  • Anchor(s): 2 small anchors
  • Wooden swabbing buckets: none
  • Samll wooden bowl for bailing water from boat
  • Rope: assorted lengths
  • Flag Masts: 3; various lengths
  • Misc. items that would be found in a boat of this type.

  • Mounts:
    • (2) - 16" Bow Swivel (Bronze)
    • (1) - Small arms carried by crew
      • Muskets
      • Pistols
      • Boarding Axes
      • Culasses

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