Military Timeline at Sampson State Park
Romulus, New York"

4 August 2012
"Salute to the Troops"

Photos supplied by Mark Brown

Main road into park.

F-80 and Museum

Nose art of a F-80
"Shooting Star".



Making candles from beeswax.

French soldiers and distaff
sitting in the shade of a fly.

Tents of the period..

Inside the tent.

Poster explaining the period..

Capitane E'tienne A. Perkins dit La Gros Corne
Compagnie Franches du Les Guerrieres d' Oswegatchie


A Patriot soldier explains
the events of the war.

Patriot soldier sitting on the grass.

A Continental Marine officer..

The Gadsden Flag.

Rev War accoutrements..

18th century transportation.

... CIVIL WAR ...

Soldiers of the Civil War..

More soldiers of the Civil War.

Civil War display..

A women of the Civil War era.

The President and his wife
(Abraham Lincoln).

A cooking fire in the
Civil War camp.

... WORLD WAR II ...

A WWII Army staff car..

Interior of the car.

World War II display..

More of the display.

Weapons of WWII.

More equipment from WWII.


Soldiers of the Vietnam War..

Tribute to fallen soldiers.

Vietnam War display..

... GULF WARS ...

Soldier of the Gulf War.
Hal Flickenger US. Army.

M-16 rifle used by the US Army.

Knives and books
of the Gulf War..

Maps of the Gulf War.

Gulf War display.

It looks like Hal again.


Black Smith display.

Black Smith display.
Products made by the blacksmith.

Ladies of the Red Cross During WWII..

More of the Red Cross canteen.

War Dogs display

Another war dog.

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