"Salute to Our Troops"

Military Timeline at Sampson State Park
Romulus, New York"

3 August 2013
Photos supplied by Mark Brown

Main road into park.

F-80 and Museum

Nose art of a F-80
The Naval Museum..

Ground Display in front of museum.

*** 2013 TIMELINE ***
Photos supplied by Jerry Knitis

The day begins.

Karen Jones and Aunt Kay (War of 1812).

A Continental Marine (Brad Gunkel)..

A Rev War Soldier.

Soldiers of the Civil War
with a Rev War Soldier..

The public views the Civil War camp.

More Civil War soldiers..

A Buffalo Soldier.

WWII vehicles..

A WWII jeep.

The ladies of the Red Cross (WWII).

View of the timeline.

More of the timeline.

Even more.

End of day.

Packing up.

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