"Salute to Our Troops"

Military Timeline at Sampson State Park
Romulus, New York"

2 August 2014

Salute the Troops, Walk Through Our Military History” is set for 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at Sampson State Park. A timeline will feature colorful displays by various living history/re-enactor groups dressed in appropriate uniforms; flags of the area; historical artifacts; transportation vehicles; and weapons.

The program will include a firing of weapons throughout the timeline, from muskets to cannons to contemporary weapons. Strolling minstrels will be on the grounds playing all periods of music.

Military venues to be featured include Compagnie Franche des Guerriers d’Oswegatchie (the French and Indian War); Revolutionary War soldiers and Continental Marines; Soldiers from War of 1812, Union Civil War soldiers; Cavalry and members of the Allied orders of the GAR; Buffalo Soldiers; World Wars I & II; Korean Conflict; and Vietnam Veterans.

The American Red Cross in the Finger Lakes “Donut Dollies” will be part of the event again this year. Another group that formed recently, “Rosie the Riveters,” will help tell the story of those left behind to do the work in World War II.

Photos supplied by Jerry Knitis

Welcoming Comittee
Diane and Kate.

8:00 - 9:30 AM set up time.

Sons of the American
Revolution setting up..

French and Indian War display.

A close up of the display.

A Continental Marine Pvt. (Brad Gunkel).

Revolutionary War soldiers..

Revolutionary War soldiers.

Looking down the line.

War of 1812 display.

War of 1812 disply.

Civil War display.

Civil War display.

Another Civil War display.

The Buffalo Soldiers.

Vehicles from WWII.

WWII vehicles and Red Cross canteen.

Civil War Artillery.

War Dogs from Vietnam era.

Civli War artillery fired a salute
every one-half hour.

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