"Harborfest Tall Ships Battle at Fort Ontario"
Fort Ontario, Oswego New York

25 - 27 July 2014

(WAR of 1812; NAVAL)

Fort Ontario and Oswego Harbor will be the scene of a recreation of the May 5 - 6, 1814 Battle of Oswego during Harborfest 2014.

On Saturday, July 26, at 2 p.m., tall ships, gunboats, cannon, and re-enactors will follow in the waves and footsteps of American and British forces who defended and attacked Oswego in a desperate struggle for control of Lake Ontario. Royal Navy warships and gunboats will unleash broadsides and pound outnumbered and vastly outgunned American troops and sailors determined to defend Fort Ontario. The British will be met at the shore by Americans who will be pushed back to the fort as they were on that fateful day in 1814. With Old Glory nailed to the flagpole, the 3rd U.S. Artillery, Light Artillery, and U.S. Navy will make a final stand before being flanked and driven from the fort at bayonet point after a brief but bloody struggle.

Location on the map.

Barracks at Fort Ontario.

The Surgeon's Tent.

The surgeon's victim, I mean patient.

British camp along the shore.

This must be Mistress Miller.

More sutlers.

Another view of the sutlers.

The "Schroth Company" headquarters.

The captain's tent.

Looks like the captain, himself.

The well known Captain's Trade
Emporium, I mean blanket.

That 3 yards of oil cloth I picked up at
Niagara sure did come in handy during
the 4 AM thunderstorm.

Ensign Brown, cameras were not invented yet.

The Company gunboat "NETTLE"

Bow view of the "Nettle".

Nettle all prepared with Karen Lamby Jones.

Lt. Mike Hubschmitt, Oarsman.

The crew; Capt. Dan (red); Karen (gunner),
??? (Oarsman); Mike(Oarsman)
Tim (Coxswain); Hal (Kneeling; Oarsman).

Preparing to cast-off.

Put your backs into it!

On morning patrol.

A voley of gun fire from the boat.

Another volley. I think they missed
the first time or shot at the wrong

Surveying the damage they did!.

Its hard work when you're the coxswain.

The day ends well.

Victory celebration.

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