"Fort Niagara"
6 - 8 July 2012
Seige of Niagara

Photos supplied by Tim Green

The Brits are ready.

Do the French need to fear these guys?

Management plotting.

Resting before battle. Looks like they need it.

Still resting.

Here come the French!

You guys are not well hidden.

I think Jerry missed. I do not see any dead French.

Tim Green and Steve Mathe.

I wonder if they did any better?

Where did everyone go? Mike is lost again.

Photos supplied by Dan Schroth

Bread smuggler.

Captain Passer.

Nancy, Kate and Linda.

Breakfast being served.

Can I have three of those?

Finally the end of the line.

Photos supplied by Dan Schroth

Lt. Mike and Capt.Lt. Jim relaxing.

Paul and John discussing the event.

Kate relaxing.

When are we going to eat?

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